What is Idea Patenting

The word patent has its origin from the Latin word patere that means “to lay open”. Patent is a set of law or rules formulated to protect the rights of an inventor. Patent stops the unauthorized manufacturing, using or selling of an invention. An invention has to be unique or as described in the law books, “novel” to be patented and should not be an obvious result of any other invention or common process. The other criteria, to be patentable are, it should be useful to the mankind.

If you have invented something unique, that can be useful for the mankind, you need to protect it with the patent laws. Unless, your invention is patented, anyone can use your invention for their purposes to manufacture or modify your invention. So patenting is essential to secure a new invention. So as soon as you invent something new you should patent idea. Even if you are planning to sell your invention to an organization or company, then too first you need to patent it in order to sell it for manufacturing at a larger scale. Unless patented exactly according to the laws, your invention can be used by just anyone. So, patent idea is very important when it comes to protecting a new invention. You can ask for professional help in this step from companies likeĀ InventHelp. You can watch thisĀ InventHelp Jobs video to learn more about what they do.

Composition or authorship is similarly protected by Copyrights, which gives the author or his associates the exclusive right over the expression. But there are no laws to protect services. Yes, an idea is not a patentable object. Ideas patenting is nothing more than a mere myth. When an idea is put into action to generate some tangible things, those things can be protected by patent laws. An idea that might have served as the basis of those inventions or creations is not patentable. Many might feel the need of patenting but no country in the world has yet considered an idea to be patentable unless it is used to manufacture or generate some unique things.

Patent and idea, both are well related. An idea serves as the key for something new. Be it an invention or a creation. To be patented detailed information about the process of implementing the idea in making something useful is very vital. Unless a detailed description of the process and the proper usefulness of the invention are mentioned, an idea cannot be considered for patenting. When an idea is put into action to make new “novel” things ,that can be protected by laws of patent. Patent and idea go side by side for a long way but you can’t exactly patent an idea.