Guinea Pig Cage

Several people simply love keeping guinea pigs as their pets. However, one important thing that assures a healthy and fun life for your guinea pig is the home that he lives in; you need to know how to buy the right guinea pig cage. Cavy is another name for guinea pigs; it is important that the guinea pig cage you get should have enough room that your pet can play, run, and live safely. Not providing your pet with a home might hurt him or create havoc since guinea pigs tend to run here and there in your house then. Here are some tips to buy the right guinea pig cage for your cavy.

The size is the most important and the very first thing to consider when looking for a home for your pet. Like all the other animals, guinea pigs also love to have space where they can run around easily. A lively animal tends to be a healthy pet only. If you end up bringing a cage that is not big enough then your piggy might not get healthy. You can buy a cage that is bigger then you even need but do not get a cage even slightly smaller then your piggy requires. Also, your guinea pig cage should fit in the chosen space in your home for the pet home.

It is important that comfort is also assured along with room; guinea pigs love being comfortable. Bedding is the main thing that will aid in your piggy’s comfort factor. Usually guinea pigs love snoozing therefore you need to make sure that their cage carries comfortable bedding for them too. Another important thing to remember is that guinea pigs love to hide as well; the bedding should allow them to crawl in and hide too. This will allow them to feel safer and sleep well in their home. Cloth, shredded newspaper, and hay are a few things that you can use to make their bedding.

Lastly, you should also consider the type of flooring your chosen guinea pig cage would have. Usually guinea pig cages carry wired flooring, which are not really good. Guinea pigs are very fragile I should tell you. Their feet are too small and they can easily get stuck in wired flooring hurting them badly. Search for a guinea pig cage that carries a soft, comfortable, and long lasting flooring. Guinea pig cage is the only major expense of this little cute animal; keep it maintained and it will last forever. For more helpful tips for buying the right guinea pig cage and accessories visit Petsium.