All About Bonbonnieres

Bonbonniere is the Italian term for a favour or a small gift is given to the guests after the conclusion of special occasions such as weddings. Unlike the American concept, the bonbonniere is usually made from Jordan almonds with their colours and quantity depending on the occasion.

Thus, for weddings, the bonbonniere is usually a set of five white sugared almonds to symbolize wealth, happiness, health, fertility and long life. For other occasions, it can be light blue or pink for a baptism or a birthday depending on the gender of the celebrant, red for a graduation, and silver for a 25-year wedding anniversary.

The sugared almonds are then placed inside a small fabric bag, either tulle or satin, and then tied with the choice of coloured ribbons. Others may choose to finish off the favour by adorning it with artificial paper flowers or dried flowers. It is also possible to place the entire bag into yet another container, say, a bottle made from glass, silver, crystal or porcelain.

You are only limited by your own imagination when making your own wedding μπομπονίερες. It is even acceptable to veer away from the Italian tradition by giving other sweet treats inside the bag instead of the sugared and coloured Jordan almonds. This way, you can inject your own sense of style into the bonbonniere while making everybody happy with your meaningful token of thanks.

You can choose to either order the bonbonniere ready-made from a wedding favours site or make the favours yourself. The latter allows for more savings and more personalized touches since you can add a poem, a short verse or just a note to the favour.

If Jordan almonds are not in your alley, you can choose other edible gifts. Chocolates, candies and nuts are good ideas as these food items will hold their shape for a longer time than cupcakes can. Just make sure that these will not be spoiled by the time your guests receive and then eat them after your wedding reception.

You may also order these sugary treats so that you have more time to decorate the bags and the containers. Although making the candies is admirable and thoughtful, you are left with little time for other more important matters for the wedding. Be sure to order the edible goodies so that these things are delivered at least a week before the wedding, which will give you and your assistants time to warp them up every so beautifully.

Many brides are also ordering other non-edible items for their bonbonniere. Examples include scented soaps and candles, charming trinkets and thingamajigs, and even cute photo frames. You will be surprise at the wide range of possible wedding favours that will bust your heart with their cuteness while not busting your pockets.

Order 10-20 more favours just in case there are additional guests who failed to give their RSVP. Don’t forget to order at least a couple for yourself. You also want to enjoy your bonbonniere during your honeymoon!

The Italians have their hearts in the right places. These bonbonniere ideas will make your guests remember your wedding in the most positive light possible.