Selling Invention Ideas

As an inventor you have to be passionate and visionary without being obstinate and stubborn. Communicate the benefits that your invention brings to society. Tell people how it will improve their lives by saving them time or money or making their lives safer. Tell them how it is better than the alternatives. Your invention has to solve a problem and fulfill a need to get attention today.

Great invention ideas are money magnets. If your invention fulfills a true need than you can attract invention capital. Get a mock up prototype that either shows what your invention will look like or performs its basic function. It is best when this mock up prototype can do both. At a very minimum it must be something that a potential investor or partner can see and feel, touch and hold.

Once you have your mockup prototype be very proactive in identifying all of the potential investors or partners who are interested in your type of product. A quick way to find out the top two or three potential partners is to visit stores, outlets and distribution centers that either handle your type of product or service your target customers.

Strategic companies are always looking for new products to edge out their competition. They are always looking for the next new thing. Showing them how your invention can fill their customer’s needs is one of the keys to selling invention ideas as was elaborated in details at